State Chaplains and Regional Volunteers

The regionalization network and the state chaplaincy system are integral components of The Four Chaplains.

Regionalization is a coordinating network of volunteers who are members of the Chapel of the Four Chaplains and represent the organization in all 50 states. Duties include creating awareness of the Four Chaplains legacy, promoting chapel membership, seeking youth applicants for chapel scholarships, recommending Trustees, nominating Legion of Honor candidates and fundraising.

These spokespersons are designated regional directors or state chaplains. A regional director is the primary contact person in one of ten geographic regions across the United States.

The State Chaplaincy System

State and associate chaplains are men and women who represent a diversity of religious traditions and serve as community spokespersons. A primary obligation is to retell the saga of the Four Chaplains so that its significance will never be lost. Another is to suggest Legion of Honor nominees. They also participate in religious or patriotic ceremonies, speak at memorial services and assist with youth outreach. A chaplain may be a clergy person, certified lay speaker, or lay person who serves as a chaplain in a veterans or fraternal organization.

Selection Criteria for Regional Volunteers

Candidates must be members of the Four Chaplains to be considered for regional director, state chaplain or associate chaplain. Nominations are open to any applicant who wishes to serve and agrees to promote the mission of the organization. Documentation of achievements and applicable experience must accompany all recommendations. Applications are reviewed by the Executive Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.

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