About the Chapel

Since the late 1940’s the Chapel of the Four Chaplains has been telling the story of the Four Chaplains and encouraging selfless sacrifice and interfaith cooperation.

On February 15, 2001, the Chapel of the Four Chaplains moved to 1201 Constitution Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19112 the site of a World War II Navy Chapel.



We focus on all that we do through these Four Programs for Four Chaplains, of which $.91 for every $1.00 raised goes towards these programs. (per 2017 audit)


The Legion of Honor Award Program which recognizes ordinary people who do extraordinary things. To honor the legacy of the Four Chaplains, this program has recognized selfless service in many, many forms throughout our communities, schools, veteran service organizations and neighborhoods. This programs recognizes the many veterans who are performing selfless acts for many of our wounded and disabled veterans. We are averaging over 400 Legion of Honor inductees internationally on an annual basis.

The Annual National Student Scholarship Program for children from 5th grade through high school. This is a competitive nationwide scholarship program which awards over $5000 per year to students who write an essay, art work, or You Tube Video on the theme of selfless service.

The Veterans Outreach Program which takes care of military veterans who are seeking a chaplain, or a burial honor guard, or VA benefits, or who are struggling with service related injuries that result in substance abuse, PTS, homelessness, joblessness and suicidal ideation. This includes the conducting of symposiums on the opioid epidemic and the veteran suicide epidemic. This has been a huge area of growth for us in recent years.

Our Emergency Chaplain & First Responder Chaplain Programs which has a cadre of Chaplains available through our network to respond to natural disasters and emergencies as these occur throughout the nation. The Four Chaplains Foundation also sponsors professional training for First Responder Chaplains and for Medical Mental Health professionals.


We also offer the building for rentals.  These rentals may include – weddings, reunions, memory trips, bus tours, funerals, memorial services, Scout Troops as well as Legion of Honor Ceremonies, Four Chaplains Programs, to mention a few.

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